AY McDonald


Irrigation and Booster Pumps

The A.Y. McDonald 84000 Series Centrifugal Pumps cover a wide range of applications. These portable units are ideal for lawn and turf sprinkling, garden irrigation and pool filling, and can be used as standby pumps for fire protection as well as other commercial uses.

84000 Series Pumps are suitable for installation where the vertical distance from the pump to the water level does not exceed 25 feet. In all installations, friction losses in the suction pipe must be taken into consideration.

Individually balanced impellers handle silt and muddied water with a minimum of effort. Noryl impellers on models up to 3 H.P. provide smooth surfaces for efficient operation and corrosion resistance. The 3 H.P. Model has a heavy-duty cast iron impeller.

Complete unit includes pump, motor and suction check valve for positive priming. This series of pumps is available in sizes ranging from 3/4 H.P. to 5 H.P. and are designed for both high pressure and high capacity.
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