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Water Service

As a leading manufacturer of Water Service products, A.Y. McDonald is ready to offer you the best in quality, service and dependability.

Our products meet the current American Water Works Association (AWWA) C-800 standard and are available with a wide variety of flare, compression or threaded end connections for copper tube, copper or iron pipe size PE, PVC or steel pipe. Corporation, curb and meter valves can be ordered in either ball or plug style.

Questions? Contact the Water Service Products Department.


Warning!Black.jpgWARNING: It is unlawful in CALIFORNIA & VERMONT (effective 1/1/2010); MARYLAND (effective 1/1/2012); LOUISIANA (effective 1/1/2013) and the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (effective 1/4/2014) to use any product in the installation or repair of any public water system or any plumbing in a facility or system that provides water for human consumption if the wetted surface area of the product has a weighted average lead content greater than 0.25%. This prohibition does not extend to service saddles used in California, Louisiana or under USA Public Law 111-380.

For more information on No Lead Brass, visit our website at: www.noleadbrass.com

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