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Plumbing Price List 6-29-11 (2-17) 2/23/2017 8.2 MB
Plumbing Trade Customs 6-15 9/25/2015 270.6 KB

Pump Price Increase Letter 12-11-16 11/22/2016 262.5 KB
Pump Price List 12-11-16 (10-17) 10/9/2017 5.2 MB
Pump Trade Customs 12-11-16 12/5/2016 168.5 KB

Gas Prices 8-14.pdf 8/5/2014 2.6 MB
Gas Trade Customs 8-14.pdf 7/18/2014 154.2 KB

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Product Line Text / PDF File
Excel File
No-Lead Brass No-Lead WW 6-7-17 (5-9-17).pdf

No-Lead WW 6-7-17 (5-9-17).xls
Plumbing PLBG 6-11 (5-17 REV).pdf

PLBG 6-11 (5-17 REV).XLS
Pumps PUMP 12-11-16.txt

PUMP 12-11-16.xls
Gas HPG 8-01-14.txt

HPG 8-01-14 (12-15).xls

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