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    • A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. History Video

      From 1856 to present day, A.Y. McDonald Mfg. Co. has thrived as the leading manufacturer of the Water Works, Plumbing, Pumps, and High Pressure Gas industries. As a family owned business, we make it our job to remain both employee and customer focused throughout our many years of existence. Follow along to the journey of A.Y. McDonald – from the innovations of our founder, Andrew Young (A.Y.) McDonald, to the actions we take today to maintain a fifth-generation family focused business.
    • Employee Features - We Make Water Work

      A.Y. McDonald employees sit down and share their stories on how they contribute to "Making Water Work". Whether you’re a customer service representative, industrial engineer, or foundry supervisor, each position plays a part in the creation of our products.
    • AY McDonald 160th Anniversary

      With 160 years under our belts, we are able to pinpoint exactly what allows us to stand apart from the rest and that is due to our customers. Thank you. With qualities such as creativity, commitment, innovation, and dedication, our motto ‘The Customer Is The Boss’ never goes out of style here at A.Y. McDonald. Allow us to paint a picture on all the values we represent.
    • We Make Water Work

      Each member of the A.Y. team is constantly working hard to get you the products that you need, to get water to where it's needed the most. We each do our part, but we couldn't do it alone. Take a look at how "We Make Water Work".
    • UFR Congress of Cities

      The Congress of Cities gives municipalities a way to see exactly what’s new in their industry all in one place. As a participant of the 2009 Congress of Cities, A.Y. McDonald was there to demonstrate how our product, the Unmeasured Flow Reducer (UFR), can change the way water meters work forever. Watch as Scott Knapp, Vice President of Marketing and Sales, demonstrates how this product measures the low flow water leaks that were previously undetected and what this means for your community.

    • Customer Spotlight - Blaum Bros. Distilling Co.

      The concept of Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. was an idea that sparked over a glass of some not-so-good craft whiskey one night. Having the confidence to realize they could make something better, Mike and Matt Blaum teamed up. New to the industry, they couldn’t seem to maintain correct water pressure. By consulting the expertise of A.Y. McDonald, they found our variable speed booster and were able to increase efficiency in their distilling process. See for yourself how A.Y. McDonald makes water (and spirits) work.

    • Meter Setter Numbering

      14 characters, when put together, can create 30,000 different meter setter model numbers. Take note as our water works expert, Rick David, breaks down every single one of these characters and what they mean when ordering our products.
    • Fast Connect Fitting

      Experience a leak free joint and a quick installation with A.Y. McDonald’s new Fast Connect Fitting. Behaving like a standard three part coupling but with one-third the amount of rotations required, the secret to this innovative product lies within the assembly itself and its dual thread design. Rely on Water Works Product Manager, Rick David, to point out the rest of this new product’s features and benefits.
    • Compression Systems

      In this McDonald Minute, Rick David, our Water Works Product Manager, explains the four different compression systems offered at A.Y. McDonald for copper tube and copper tube sized polyethylene. Make the most out of A.Y. McDonald’s compression system options as they are interchangeable, have a pull out strength of 1,800 pounds, and obtain a pressure tightness of 200 PSI.
    • How Does The UFR Work?

      Show leaks who’s boss by also increasing revenue by 5-10%. The low linear flow that leaks cause doesn’t utilize enough energy in order to activate the water meter. With the use of an unmeasured flow reducer (UFR), you can convert the low flow into batches that release at a higher rate, allowing the meter to register this. Find out how.
    • Female Adapters

      Our water works expert, Rick David, demonstrates the conversion of A.Y. McDonald flare and compression connections with a straight connection, eighth bend, and elbow. You will find that converting is made simple with A.Y. McDonald flare connections as they utilize the same thread throughout the complete line.
    • Importance of an Insert Stiffener

      An insert stiffener creates both a long lasting watertight seal and long lasting pullout strength with its many features. Find out exactly what happens when this part isn’t utilized on all flexible plastic connections by tuning in to the advice from water works expert, Rick David.
    • Telescoping Curb Box

      As a brand new product offered by A.Y. McDonald, the telescoping curb box contains just as many features as other models but stands out due to one word: adaptability. Follow along with this video as we point out how this innovative product allows you to do more with less. Learn more by reaching out to our customer service department at 1-800-AY-CARES.
    • What is Non-Revenue Water?

      Non-revenue water is characterized as a distributed volume of water not reflected in customer billing. Of the three types of non-revenue water, A.Y. McDonald’s unmeasured flow reducer (UFR) is responsible for solving unbilled authorized consumption by enabling the residential meter to pick up on low flows such as leaks and drips. See how.
    • Comparing the Ball Valve & Plug Valve

      By comparing and contrasting the ball valve to the plug valve, you can see for yourself why the ball valve tends to be the preferred choice. Allow water works expert, Rick David, to compare properties such as sealing capabilities, life expectancy, turning torque, and price to choose the valve that’s right for you.
    • Sampling Station Resetters

      Both compact and accessible, A.Y. McDonald’s sampling station meter resetter leads to simple installation and contamination protection. As pointed out by Water Works expert, George Gilson, the shutoff valve and backflow protection features help guarantee that our sampling station resetter is simple to use and protects the source.
    • Proper Installation of Saddles

      Find out how to properly install an A.Y. McDonald service saddle with our quality assurance expert, Andy Shea. Keep in mind that our saddles are specifically designed for cold potable water installations only and come in four different types. By walking you through the process, you will understand the consequences of over tightening the saddle and know how to check for nicks and gouges.
    • Stainless Steel Repair Clamps

      A.Y. McDonald is fully committed to making water work for you and it shows in our new TECK™ Stainless Steel Repair Clamps. While easy to assemble and available with more options and versatility like never before, this product line doesn’t disappoint. Put in your custom order today by calling 1-800-AY-CARES or reaching out to us for more information.

    • Oetiker Pex Clamp

      Oetiker’s® pex clamp option offers an easier installation than ever before. In this video, plumbing expert, Jim Francois, demonstrates both the 2300RT and 2300RTTH tools that are used for crimping the pex clamps.
    • No-Lead Marking Identification

      Have the ability to identify our no-lead products by paying attention to A.Y. McDonald’s no-lead marking identification rules. Follow plumbing expert, Jim Francois, as he points this out on products such as supply stops, ball valves, hose bibbs, and fittings.
    • Soldering No-Lead Ball Valves

      Learn all you need to know about properly soldering a no-lead ball valve with help from our plumbing expert, Jim Francois. By walking you through the process from filing the edge of the copper tube to using a damp cloth to clean any excess flux, you can be soldering your own ball valves in no time.
    • Soldering vs. Press Fit Fittings

      Are you curious as to how much time A.Y. McDonald’s Press Fit fittings can save vs. traditional soldering? Follow Chris Roth as he completes an assembly using both techniques. Keep in mind that Chris has over 34 years of soldering experience, while this is his very first time using Press Fit fittings.
    • How to Install Press Fit Fittings

      Learn the correct way to install an A.Y. Press Fit fitting with this step-by-step guide. We walk you through the process from cutting the tube to completing the joint with the compression tool. Reach out to A.Y. McDonald at 1-800-AY-CARES if you’re seeking more information on the subject.
    • AY McDonald Minute: Frostproof Sillcock Repair

      Do you have a leaky hose bibb outside your home? Jim Francois, our plumbing expert, will show you how to identify the faucet, remove it, and measure the stem. We also strongly encourage you to give A.Y. McDonald a call at 1-800-AY-CARES in order to complete the process.
    • Silent Check Valves

      Have you noticed an annoying banging sound that occurs when your sump pump or sewage ejector is running? Immediately eliminate this sound with A.Y. McDonald’s silent check valves. Watch this video to find out what causes the noise and how this check valve works its magic.
    • McDonald Minute - Push Fit Fittings

      The unique design of A.Y. McDonald push fit fittings allow for a quick and permanent connection with a disassemble just as fast. Plumbing and Pump Product Manager, Jim Francois, demonstrates the easy connection and disconnection while pointing out the product’s many features and benefits in this McDonald Minute.

    • DuraMAC™ Booster Pump

      Recognized as the most versatile booster pump in the world, the DuraMAC™ booster pump offers great quality, easy installation, and simplicity to operation. Familiarize yourself with this renowned booster pump as pump expert, Steve Potts, presents you with the facts.
    • A.Y. McDonald's Entire Booster Line

      Here at A.Y. McDonald, we carry booster pumps for both residential and light commercial applications, along with the option for dual mode, simplex, or duplex. Learn just how many gallons per minute each holds and the pounds of additional pressure each product offers.
    • High Head Effluent & High Volume Sewage Pumps

      Both relatively new to our product line, the high head effluent pump and high volume sewage pump offer more gallons per minute and higher head than ever before. Pump expert, Steve Potts, points out all the properties that they share, such as a cast iron base and three-year cut-the-cord warranty.
    • DuraMAC Side-by-SIde

      A.Y. McDonald’s DuraMAC™ Side-by-Side sump pump system is the best of both worlds as it combines a sump pump with a battery back up pump. Pump expert, Scott Knapp, points out that each pump has its own vertical pre-set flow switch, built-in check valve, and is designed to fit in a fifteen-inch opening.
    • Dual Mode Modular Booster Pump

      Upgrade your commercial booster pump with A.Y. McDonald’s dual mode modular booster pump. Follow along as our Pumps expert, Steve Potts, shares all the best attributes of this pump, such as its three modes of operation, no-lead brass connections, and enclosed fan-cooled motor.
    • Submersible Pumps - Check Your Voltage

      The first step in troubleshooting a submersible pump is having the proper voltage. This is essential because, without it, the pump will either not run or will run on high amp but damage the pump itself. If you need help in checking your voltage, consult the expertise of this video or give A.Y. McDonald a call at 1-800-AY-CARES.
    • Submersible Numbering System

      Senior product manager, Doug Roush, breaks down A.Y. McDonald’s submersible numbering system. From the pump model to amount of voltage the pump requires, you can get one step closer to understanding the classification system we use for our submersible pumps.
    • Meet the FE Connect APP

      Control your pump through your Iphone by downloading the FE Connect app. This allows you to manage the setup, monitor your pump, and view past logs. Why not take advantage of technology?
    • Programming the Variable Speed Booster

      The DuraMAC™ booster pumps sold at A.Y. McDonald were designed in such a way in order to provide an easy set-up and smooth operation. This process is even smoother when having us create step-by-step instructions to programming your Variable Speed Booster. Follow along as Randy Aspen provides information on the electrical wiring, priming the pump, viewing the drive display, and adjusting the set point.
    • DuraMAC™ Residential Pressure Booster Installation

      With three easy operation modes and features such as a digital control box and tailpiece, along with a check valve and pressure tank, the DuraMAC™ residential pressure booster is a simple yet versatile pump. In fact, if you follow the step-by-step instructions, installation should only take an hour of your time. Find out more by calling A.Y. McDonald at 1-800-AY-CARES.
    • McDonald Minute : E-Series Jet and Sprinkler Pumps

      Complete with reliable and tested motors with an easy switch between 115V and 230V, A.Y. McDonald’s E-Series Jet Pumps and Sprinkler Pumps help gain access to clean water easier than ever. Follow along as Plumbing and Pump Product Manager, Jim Francois, further explains the features and benefits to each pump.

    • We Make Gas Meter Sets Work!

      Where do A.Y. McDonald gas products live? Allow Gas Product Manager, Nicole Neuhaus, to piece together the meter set between our vast variety of valves, meter bars, and accessories. Throughout the video you will also learn about the features that come with each gas part. Long story short – we make meter sets work! Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • Bubble Point Pressure Test

      Having a hard time understanding where pounds per square inch (PSI) and inches of water column came from? Allow Nicole Neuhaus, our High Pressure Gas Product Manager, to shed some light on the subject and introduce the bubble point pressure test. If you still have questions on the topics, feel free to reach out to us at 1-800-AY-CARES. Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • Re-Lubrication of a Plug Valve

      Some plug valves have a habit of leaking through in a closed position. Follow along as gas expert, Tony Althaus, shares potential causes of this situation and demonstrates how to re-lubricate the valve. Keep in mind that all that is needed for the re-lubrication is the A.Y. McDonald 558 re-lube tool and 558 re-lube cartridges. Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • 6312 Bypass Meter Bar

      A.Y. McDonald’s 6312 bypass meter bar was created with an attractive and compact design. With no loss of pilot lights, no interruption of gas flow, and no follow up service calls, this makes the exchange of multiple meters at apartment buildings, stores, and commercial complexes easier to service. Throughout this video, we break down the benefits of the 6312 bypass meter bar and showcase exactly how the product functions. Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • 6410 Bypass Meter Bar

      Eliminate service calls and re-lights while having the ability to perform a meter change-out anytime of year with A.Y. McDonald’s 6410 meter bar. This unique solution takes away the need for any additional hoses, regulators, or special tools. Consider the 6410 bypass meter bar if you’re looking to completely simplify the meter change-out process. Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • How to Purge Properly

      In relation to the high pressure gas industry, ‘purging’ is an act of protecting your lubricated meter valve from air pockets and any potential contaminants. Whether you’re deciding if you should purge or seeking information on how it’s correctly performed, gas expert, Tony Althaus, has all the right answers for you. Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • Meter Connections

      The fact that the gas industry uses light sizes instead of fractional dimensions can be confusing. Gas expert, Tony Althaus, points out that the more lights your house/building contains, the larger the meter connection necessary. If you need help in understanding the terminology and what meter connection size you require, make sure to reach out to us at 1-800-AY-CARES. Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • Assembling Valves Into Piping Systems

      Follow the five major guidelines necessary in assembling valves into piping systems, according to gas expert, Tony Althaus. In doing so, you will create a gas tight seal that isn’t vulnerable to leaks or damage to the valve itself. Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • Proper Light Size

      With gas meter connections, the term ‘light size’ can be confusing since sizing pipes, valves, and fittings utilize fractional dimensions in other industries. Allow gas expert, Tony Althaus, to break down the origin of ‘light size’ and explain what it means when sizing a meter connection for a residential home. Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • Meeting Your Demand

      Natural gas is a clean, affordable, and abundant energy source. As more and more customers are converting to this resource everyday, the demand for high pressure gas products is rising. A.Y. McDonald is willing to meet the demand but we need your help in doing so. By utilizing the proper forecasting methods, you will receive the products you need when you need them. Contact your A.Y. McDonald sales representative today to get the process started! Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.
    • High Pressure Gas Traceability Tags

      With new times comes new technology. Thanks to traceability tags, gas utility companies can track gas distribution products. In doing so, a faulty part can be located, therefore preventing any potential accidents and placing responsibility on the manufacturer. See how traceability tags are just another way A.Y. McDonald goes above and beyond in the high pressure gas industry. Disclaimer: These products are not for sale direct to consumers. Intended for utility companies.

    • Employee Features - We Make Water Work

      A.Y. McDonald employees sit down and share their stories on how they contribute to "Making Water Work". Whether you’re a customer service representative, industrial engineer, or foundry supervisor, each position plays a part in the creation of our products.

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