Introducing the NEW AYU Powered with BlueVolt

In 2017, A.Y. McDonald brought product knowledge right at your fingertips with the launch of the free e-learning platform called A.Y. McDonald University (AYU). The concept of AYU stemmed directly from the customer due to the need for more product training material in the water works, pump, plumbing, and natural gas industries. Now, five years later, the platform houses over 125 courses, thousands of learners, and a total of nearly 15,000 courses taken among them.

In honor of the success and support found in AYU, A.Y. McDonald is excited to announce a new and improved platform as we are now partnering with the well-known LMS provider called BlueVolt. BlueVolt holds a strong presence within the industries A.Y. McDonald serves and will offer even more exposure of our courses through their sharing center while also providing additional features on the learner side.

A.Y. McDonald would like to celebrate this launch and AYU’s 5th anniversary with you because, without you, there would be no us. The first 166 people to either create an AYU account or complete a course in the new platform will receive an AYU branded koozie. In addition, the top 50 AYU super users (those who have completed a total of 100+ AYU courses) will receive AYU super swag. Hurry up because this giveaway ends September 30!

Head on over to now to check out the NEW AYU!

Click here to view step by step instructions on how to create an AYU account on our new platform. NOTE: These instructions do not apply to current AYU learners.