Meter Setter Union Connections

A meter setter is a factory assembled configuration of tubing, valves, and fittings that provide for the retention of a water meter and connection to the service line. This solution is considered a time saving method of water meter installation and can be installed in either the northern or southern service laterals. The meter setter provides water supply shut off during meter replacements. One of the most appealing aspects to the meter setter is its flexibility found in the connection at the bottom of the assembly, also known as the bottom bar.

When it comes to customizing a meter setter to a select application, inlet and outlet connections of the bottom bar are considered. These determine how the service line is connected to the meter setter and comes with many different options. One common meter setter service line connection option is the union.

Union connections use a female threaded collar nut that threads onto the male threaded end connection of the setter. Joining these two pieces together creates the ‘union’ connection. The union allows different types of service line connections to be joined onto the meter setter. See below for a visual of what a union connection would look like on a meter setter:

One type of union connection is the dual (double) purpose union. This connection includes one endpiece that serves two purposes, allowing the user to flare the copper tube or to use threaded iron pipe. The copper tube can be inserted into the endpiece and flared to make the connection. The pipe can be threaded into the endpiece to make the connection. For a visual explanation of how the dual purpose union works, please watch the video below.

Union connections can be used on both the inlet and outlet or just one side of A.Y. McDonald meter setters. To order an A.Y. McDonald meter setter with union connections, it’s recommended to first select the proper setter series. Next, follow the ordering instructions in the water works catalog for inlet and outlet connections. ‘Integral’ means the connection is part of the setter’s bottom bar while ‘union’ is separate pieces.

Learn more about the functionality and purpose of a meter setter union connection, along with how to order a meter setter with this option, by taking the ‘Meter Setter Union Connections’ AYU course. You can also call our customer service department at 1-800-292-2737 or fill out a contact us form on