Most homeowners don’t give a second thought, or even a first one, to the different ways natural gas is delivered to their home. This is understandable as the installation process and the ownership of the gas meter set belong to the gas utility companies that control the flow of gas. There are many varying installation methods that that are impacted by several factors. This includes the decision on whether or not to use a cast iron meter bar.

Recognized as the ‘anchor’ to the gas meter set itself, a cast iron meter bar is a means to protect the meter set from piping stresses while also ensuring a solid installation. This part isn’t essential in the process of constructing the natural gas meter set for your home but it can be, depending on your situation.

The following benefits can put things in perspective when choosing a cast iron meter bar:


Controlling ground movement
A cast iron meter bar has a heavy, one-piece I-beam construction that protects the meter set from piping stresses. With the changing of seasons in cold climates, these stresses are caused by the expansion and contraction of the ground around your home. Installation of a cast iron meter bar with swivels and nuts ensures the meter connections will not become misaligned when this ground movement occurs. While meter connection misalignment is typically a problem in colder climates, this feature adds extra security for any meter set that is exposed to potential ground movement in any climate.

Extra strength
Cast iron meter bars can also be connected directly to a mounting bracket that allows the gas utility to attach the bar and gas meter directly to the outside of the building or to a bracket that is driven into the ground. This adds even more stability to the gas meter set while also maintaining correct meter connection alignment.

Positive swivel/meter alignment
The way that cast iron meter bars are set up, the end user can rest assured that the swivel and the meter connections will stay aligned even through unusual circumstances. The ability to remain aligned increases the life of the meter and the swivels attached to it.

Flexibility of cast iron meter bars
With a cast iron meter bar, instead of replacing the entire unit, you can simply remove a bad meter swivel or meter nut and you are back in business. This also holds true when upsizing or downsizing the meter set as the cast iron meter bar is compatible with a multiple array of meter connection sizes and meters.


The choice of ‘anchoring’ the gas meter set through the installation of a cast iron meter bar is a decision that isn’t taken lightly. Every natural gas utility in the U.S. writes specifications for the products they approve and use to deliver natural gas to their customers for all applications. Cast iron meter bars have always been the preferred choice.