Have you ever had a panicked customer call because they tried to turn on or shut off their curb valve with the curb box cap? A customer recently reached out to our customer service department with the picture to the right because he couldn’t seem to fill the cistern.

We were able to clarify that in order to actually ‘fill’ the cistern through the valve, it’s best to remove the curb box cap first. This cap is not a handle and is only in place to protect access to the valve itself. That being said, in order to operate the valve, one must unscrew the cap and insert a T handled wrench down into the pipe until it hits the rod or the valve below.

Don’t let this be your customers! We can only imagine the horror of trying to complete a basic plumbing job only to come to the conclusion that a 5-minute task has just become an impossible one.

If you’re more of a visual person, please read the curb box section of our water works catalog to get more information about this product.