The water works industry has a lot to live up to. As one of the lucky ones responsible for allowing the public access to water, this industry creates products that are essential to everyday life. In doing so, each material, part, and product must meet certain rules and regulations in order to be installed.

In the quest of creating successful water works products, there are various qualifications that further validate the effectiveness of the product. This would include a number of compliance certifications such as AWWA, ARRA, No-Lead, AIS, LEED, and many more.

Contractors within the water works industry often depend on funding from the local or federal government for a project because without it, the project ceases to exist. At A.Y. McDonald, we often get customer calls about obtaining specific certifications in order to receive the funding that was anticipated. However, this information is pertinent before the project is completed/installed, not after.

By coming to us after the fact, the fate of the funding for the project is completely out of our hands. Our job is to supply the material for bid requests but in order to meet the criteria of a compliance certification, you must first have the right materials. After all, the requirements of all the different laws and entities are not the same so it’s hard to know exactly how to fulfill them.

While water works products are found deep underground, meeting the requirements after the project is complete can lead to digging up the parts and causing extra work and added expense for everyone involved.

With such an important role to an element that literally creates life, it’s only fitting that the water works industry be flooded with rules and regulations that ensure a great product. Consulting us after you’ve received a compliance certification is risky, time consuming, and potentially costly. Water is one of the most important resources on the planet so do it a favor by playing by the rules when it comes to all products water related.

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