Want consistent water pressure in every shower in your home? A booster pump can help! A booster takes existing pressure coming into a house or building and raises it by whatever pressure the pump is rated for, allowing for constant water pressure throughout the building, even when multiple taps are open.


Curious about the uses of a booster pump? Here are four things you should know:


1. Add Functionality to Your Bathrooms

If your home or building has a decent volume of water, a booster pump can help provide equal pressure to every bathroom in the building—no matter where the water source is located. Usually placed in existing homes and buildings rather than new construction, booster pumps help make bathrooms and kitchens more functional—and comfortable—by increasing the flow and pressure of water throughout the structure.

That means if your bathroom is at the far end of the house, apartment building or hotel, a booster pump will ensure your water pressure in the shower, sink and toilet remains consistent with the pressure of the water located directly near the water source.

Although booster pumps are typically used in existing, older buildings, some newer construction homes also need the help of a booster. These homes are being built larger, with more bathrooms. If a house is built with three bathrooms, and it’s located at the end of the water line, at morning and at night the homeowner will have issues with water pressure—and a booster pump is required to maintain consistent pressure.

Booster pumps are also becoming more prevalent in homes and hotels with luxury, exotic showers, like rainfall showerheads. These types of modern designs require additional water pressure that can be provided by a booster. Just remember that a booster pump will only help if the volume of water needed is also available!


2. Differences Between Residential and Commercial

When it comes to booster pumps, there are huge differences when comparing the size of pump installed in residential and commercial properties. Typically, a residential pump would contain a two gallon tank, while a commercial building or apartment complex would have much larger needs. Not only would a commercial building require a larger booster pump to be installed, but the booster would also need a 20 gallon storage pressure tank to draw off of.


3. Energy Savings

One of the newest products in the pump division at A.Y. McDonald is the DuraMAC™ Variable Speed Booster—made for larger buildings, like high-rise apartments and hotels. This system boosts low water pressure to supply constant water pressure throughout the building, all while reducing energy consumption.

This three-phase pump saves energy by gradually starting and slowing down, unlike a residential pump that revs up to top speed immediately upon starting.  So, if you’re only using 10 gallons of water per minute, the variable speed booster will only turn up to allow a certain pressure at certain minutes—meaning that you set the pressure. Run by smart technology, this booster can pump up to 300 gallons per minute!


4. A.Y. McDonald Technology

For larger buildings, like hotels, A.Y. McDonald has developed an innovative software program to help identify your booster needs. One of the skilled product engineers at A.Y. has created a program that inputs building information and calculates the pressure needed during peak use.

For example, a customer who is working with a hotel could call A.Y. McDonald with building information such as “200 rooms, each with a bathroom including a sink, toilet and shower.” This information would then be inputted into the software system, giving definitive information on the booster pumps needed to support the water pressure needs of the hotel. This technology truly takes the gray area out of guessing the customer’s needs and gives an accurate picture of their booster needs.


From irrigation and household boosting applications, to high-rise condos and apartment buildings, A.Y. McDonald has a booster pump to meet your meets. Visit the pump products section on our website for more information on how we can help you find the right booster pump for your application.