For utility companies, having to shut off access to gas for one reason or another is a headache when working on a building that contains more than one gas meter, such as apartments. Not only does this require a scheduled appointment with the customer but it also leaves the utility company responsible for anything that can potentially go wrong throughout the process.

Whether it’s turning off a customer’s service or changing the meter, this may involve manipulating the meter bar or valve along the way. For the most part, meter bars are utilized in colder climates while warmer climates install valves. However, the decision to invest in either one lies upon the city’s shoulders.

These days, utility companies have access to a part that can make their jobs a little easier: the bypass meter bar or valve. With the use of this fixture, there are no more scheduled appointments or shutting off the gas in general as there is no interruption of the gas flow to the customer. Below is what the bypass meter bars and valves bring to the table:‚Äč

  • No interruption in service or reduction in flow capacity
  • No loss of pilot lights
  • Meter change-outs can be performed anytime, 12 months a year
  • No need for additional hoses, regulators, bottles, or any special tools
  • Your gas supply is always ready and regulated to the correct pressure
  • Industry proven locking design for theft protection

Overall, bypass meter bars and valves provide an added security and flexibility to the gas application that wasn’t previously offered in the industry. If you are finally getting sick of the side effects that come with shutting off access to gas, look to bypass meter bars and valves as a great solution for your headache.