Push-Fit Fittings: Pushing the Industry Forward

Push-Fit Fittings: Pushing the Industry Forward

Push-Fit Fittings: Pushing the Industry Forward

Change is inevitable no matter what industry you work in. While the plumbing industry is very steeped in tradition, it too has to adapt and innovate. One such way that plumbing manufacturers and suppliers keep this industry moving forward is through the application of push-fit fittings.

Simply put, the push-fit is a twenty-first century design for connecting fittings to copper, CPVC, or PEX piping. No soldering, crimping, or solvent welding is necessary due to the special rubber o-ring and stainless steel gripper ring. A permanent connection is established in seconds and a sleek disconnect clip allows the push-fit design to disassemble just as fast as it was assembled.

Push-fit fittings are used for above ground plumbing, water systems, and hydronic heating systems. They can be applied with the following piping specifications:

  • PEX tubing in accordance with ASTM G-876 and F-877
  • Copper tubing in accordance with ASTM B88
  • CPVC tubing in accordance with ASTM D2846/2846M-99

A.Y. McDonald is a proud supplier of push-fit fittings. As a relatively new product added to our plumbing line, read up on the additional features and assembly/disassembly instructions that define our push-fit fittings:

  • Pressure rated at 200 PSIG (13.8 bar) over a temperature range from 0°F to 200°F (-18°C to 93°C)
  • Contains a 360° rotation
  • Wet repair of existing plumbing with no drying time required
  • Requires no special tools
  • Full port fittings for usage on domestic hot and cold water systems

How to Connect Push-Fit Fittings to Copper or CPVC Tubing
Cut the tubing so that the ends are square. Bevel copper or CPVC tubing with appropriate tool. Place a mark from the end of the tubing. Insert tubing into the fitting with a slight twisting motion until the mark disappears and a clicking noise is heard. Leave sufficient room for disconnection.

How to Connect Push-Fit Fittings to PEX Tubing Only
Cut the tubing so that the ends are square. Stiffener(s) must be inserted into the open end of the tubing prior to the insertion of the PEX tube into the socket of the fitting. Once the stiffener(s) is used, follow instructions for copper or CPVC tubing.





How to Disconnect Push-Fit Fittings
Clip the disconnecting tool over the tube and slide to make contact with the push-ring. Grip the pipe with one hand and, using the other hand, compress the push-ring with the disconnecting tool. Once the push-ring is fully compressed, simultaneously pull the tubing away from the fitting and rotate until assembly is completely disconnected.


Modern pipe connection methods like push-fit fittings help us realize that the future of plumbing is looking bright. Manufacturers and suppliers such as A.Y. McDonald continue to create innovative products that make the plumber’s job easier while also providing the permanent solution they seek. Who knows what we will come up with next?

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