Simplify Your Multi Manifold Gas Meter Assembly

Simplify Your Multi Manifold Gas Meter Assembly

Simplify Your Multi Manifold Gas Meter Assembly

Picture walking up to a 6 header multi manifold bar that is mounted with 6 male threads awaiting the finished assembly of an individual meter and required components. Each meter connection would need the following:

  • A shut-off valve assembled
  • Fittings and swivels to connect valve to the meter
  • Assembly of meter to inlet swivel to determine location of outlet piping
  • Outlet swivel to meter assembly for downstream piping
  • Sealant applied and the connection leak tested

Now imagine walking up to this same multi header but with 6 completed meter bars to connect to the manifold. Simply apply pipe sealant on each connection and spin the 6 meter bars onto each connection. Lastly, connect 6 meters to the meter bars and leak test your connections.

The difference between the two above scenarios is the construction of the meter assembly. A multiple meter application can be achieved through the use of either valves and fittings or pre-assembled meter bars. Take a look at the below recap comparison of the two routes:

Multiple Fittings Manifold Construction

Multi Manifold Meter Bar Construction

  • Assemble a valve
  • Assemble inlet swivels
  • Assemble outlet swivels
  • If needed, assemble additional fittings on both inlet and outlet swivels
  • Each component requires assembly and thread connection testing
  • Comes complete with a shut-off valve integral with the bar, 6” center to center swivel alignment, and a union connection outlet
  • User only has one connection to make to manifold bar and one leak test prior to connecting to the meter

It’s apparent that many steps can be removed in the installation and maintenance of the meter with the inclusion of a multi manifold meter bar - particularly with the use of a rear center inlet, valved meter bar from A.Y. McDonald. While the approach of using loose components to construct a multi manifold header offer the same results, it also comes with a more complex assembly and more labor for the utility to perform.

Providing gas to individual units of an apartment building can involve multiple steps, wrenching, and testing without investing in the proper meter bar assembly. Therefore, you owe it to yourself to look at A.Y. McDonald to provide the ideal solution!

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