Telescoping Curb Box - Do More With Less

Telescoping Curb Box - Do More With Less

Telescoping Curb Box - Do More With Less

In reference to an object, telescoping (verb) is the act of sliding or causing to slide into itself, so that the object itself becomes smaller or larger. Examples of devices that use this effect are the stem of umbrellas, glasses/binoculars, car antennas, and, of course the telescope. Now we can add one more to the list: the A.Y. McDonald telescoping curb box.

The curb box is defined as the vertical pipe extending from the curb or sidewalk level down to the shutoff at the service connection. The function of this part is to give the user access to the valve found underground that shuts the water on and off for a structure.

As a brand new product offered by A.Y. McDonald, the telescoping curb box contains just as many features as other models but stands out due to one word: adaptability. With the telescoping curb box, the user has more flexibility, thus allowing them to do more with less. Here are a few of the benefits that come with the telescoping curb box:


Adjusts to Ground Depth
The telescoping curb box contains a collapsible structure that allows for a range of 4-7 feet. This 3-foot adjustability range is superior to the previous 1-foot range offered by other products.

Decreases Inventory
Due to the added adjustability of the telescoping curb box, a distributor could get away with stocking less curb box sizes. This would mean less inventory, as well as saving time and money.

Solves the Hot Corrosive Soil Issue
Corrosion is always in the back of our minds when it comes to metals being installed underground. However, this is even less of a worry with the telescoping curb box because of the tough polyethylene material and optional stainless steel shutoff rod.

Lighter weight and Easy to Install
In comparison to other curb boxes, the telescoping curb box is lighter weight, providing less shipping cost. This is due to it being made up of HDPE plastic vs. the standard cast-iron. Along with that, the part is also easy to install with the adjustable options.


Not only can the user utilize their standard key to access the shut off valve but the part also comes with an optional stainless steel rod that is always a foot under the lid in order to give easy valve operation. In addition, the telescoping curb box is retrofittable with a small arch and 1-½ “or 2” Minneapolis style curb stop threads. It’s the one-in-all curb box.

The concept of creating objects that perform a telescoping function can be for many reasons but they all lead down to convenience of use. Before the introduction of the telescoping curb box, the grade of the area had to be known in order to minimize time and labor for the job at hand.

Doing more with less. As our Innovation Center’s mantra, they maintain this concept when creating products such as the telescoping curb box that actively address some of our customer’s major obstacles while in the field. As the main access point to a structure’s water supply, why would we not start here in improving the customer experience?