McDonald Throwback

McDonald Throwback

McDonald Throwback

A throwback is characterized as a sudden reminder of the past. As a feeling that can often come from looking at a photograph, this concept is used for the social media trend, Throwback Thursday (TBT). Posted specifically on Thursdays and partnered with a hashtag, #TBT means the user posts or reposts older photos – reminiscing back to the time and event of the picture.

But what is a McDonald Throwback?

A.Y. McDonald recently added even more personality to our social media channels by bringing history into the mix. Playing off of Throwback Thursday,  Facebook and Twitter followers come across a behind-the-scenes A.Y. McDonald Throwback picture and backstory every single Thursday.

The first McDonald Throwback was posted on January 29, 2017. While some are nostalgic and others are humorous, continue reading to see our most unforgettable McDonald Throwbacks so far, listed in chronological order. After all, with 161 years of history on our side, it’s about time we share our many memories with you. Enjoy!

McDonald Throwback to the early 1970s when the A.Y. McDonald customer service department consisted of less than ten people!

In 1977, the “Rocky” production crew chose Dubuque, IA, (A.Y. McDonald in particular) as the setting for their movie!

A candid shot of our Dubuque foundry operations at 12th & Pine St in the early 1980’s!

The move from 12th & Pine St to Chavenelle Rd in 1983 wouldn’t have been complete without the renovation of this vintage sign.

Rob McDonald, age 18, poses with his father, President and CEO, R.D. McDonald, age 55, in 1986 at a Company picnic held at the Dubuque factory. The picnic featured a dunk tank, which a fashionable R.D. volunteered to sit in for employees to take a shot at dunking him!

In light of our 150th anniversary, a brass football, known as the ‘A.Y. Trophy’, was created in our facility and used to this day as a traveling trophy for the Dubuque high school football championship!

In 2005, Rob McDonald proves he doesn’t rely on hair for his good looks, showing the sales force that ‘change is ok’.