Power Outage? No Problem

Power Outage? No Problem

Power Outage? No Problem

Does the phrase ‘April showers bring May flowers’ ring a bell? While very catchy, there’s a reason why someone came up with it in the first place. Since thunderstorms can threaten at any moment during spring and summer, this is the time of year to be paying the most attention to the affects of power outages – especially on a home’s sump pump.

With thunderstorms comes an excess amount of rain, which can seep into the foundation of the home. In order to protect the basement from housing all this water, a sump pump is often installed, as its purpose is to transfer this water away from the area. Without a sump pump, the floor of the basement will most likely flood; damaging and staining anything the water comes in contact with.

How does a sump pump work exactly? The pump sits in a sump pit, which is usually installed at the lowest point of the basement. The water that drains into the pit triggers the sump pump via a float switch, thus removing the water by pumping it into a storm drain, retention pool, or dry well. Most sump pumps rely on the electrical system in order to perform. Therefore, when a power outage occurs during a thunderstorm, the homeowner is going to want a pump that they can rely on. Unless you enjoy walking around in rain boots in your own basement, an A.Y. McDonald Guardian sump pump may be the answer.

While installed in addition to the sump pump, the Guardian pump performs as an emergency water powered back up that helps when your main sump pump either fails or cannot keep up. This means that when the power goes out, the Guardian takes over. This pump is designed for groundwater and the sump crocks in homes, motels, hotels, hospitals, industrial buildings, computer rooms, and record storage rooms. Look to the right to have each part of the Guardian pointed out and read below for additional features to this pump:

  • Made in the USA
  • Patented activation valve for Positive ON, Positive OFF
  • Designed for intermittent or continuous use
  • Supplied with single check valve for your convenience
  • Made with high quality brass and PVC materials for corrosion resistance
  • Designed for de-watering
  • Discharge size 1 1/4” PVC Sch. 80 (IPS) – 3/4” FNPT inlet
  • Minimum pressure 29 PSI, maximum 90 PSI
  • Minimum water temperature 32°F

A house is a very big investment; often the biggest one a person will make in their lifetime. Therefore, it should be in the best interest of the homeowner to invest in the most reliable sump pump in the industry. While thunderstorms are far from being the only reason for power outages, the after affects can be most damaging to the basement when a power outage causes sump pump failure. Do you have an action plan for this sequence of events? With A.Y. McDonald’s Guardian sump pump, you might not even have to.

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