AYMcDonald.com: Helping You Stay Connected

AYMcDonald.com: Helping You Stay Connected

AYMcDonald.com: Helping You Stay Connected

A.Y. McDonald experts are constantly looking for different platforms for providing the power of information at your fingertips. Sharing such knowledge not only keeps us honest but also better helps you make water and gas work for your own community. This was most recently achieved by completely revamping the A.Y. McDonald website. And after ample amount of time and effort placed on planning, creating, testing, and training, the new AYMcDonald.com went live on November 9, 2017.

What makes A.Y. McDonald’s website stand out is not only the layout but also the added features. Take advantage of the following elements that allow you to stay connected to our company while doing business exactly the way you want to:


Customer Portal
AYMcDonald.com is a now more personalized experience largely due to our new customer portal. With your own designated login, gain access to e-commerce capabilities, allowing you to purchase our products at just a click of a button. Not only can you order online but you can also check your order status 24/7 without even picking up the phone! Please note that this does not hinder our former ordering processes for the companies that prefer to talk on the phone with our customer service department.


A.Y. McDonald Connections

The A.Y. McDonald blog got an upgrade and a featured spot on the new website, labeled as ‘A.Y. McDonald Connections’. With content organized via product lines, newsletters, industry news, and tradeshows, the user can stay connected with everything newsworthy at A.Y. McDonald. In addition, take a look at our live tweet deck and clickable social media icons, always located either on the right sidebar or below each blog article, depending on the size of your browser window or the device you’re using.


Updated Careers Page
A.Y. McDonald is always looking for talented individuals to join the A.Y. Family, which is now more possible than ever with our updated careers page. Learn more about what goes on behind the scenes based on our culture, people, benefits, advanced manufacturing, and innovation. The revamped content showcases the fact that we are so much more than the products we make; we’re about the people who create them.


Customer Support
When you call A.Y. McDonald, we ensure that you always speak with a real person, not a machine. On the new website, we take this a step further by putting a face to a name when you visit our Customer Support page. This information will be kept updated and current so you can stay connected to the individuals that make up our customer service department.


Making water and gas work is a very thorough job – and so is providing a website for such products. With this upgrade, AYMcDonald.com has proven itself to be more than a website – it’s a way of appealing to multiple generations, allowing you to do business the way you want to. Get familiar with the customer portal that makes e-commerce possible, our revamped blog, updated careers page, new customer support page, and mobile friendly navigation. While 163 years young, A.Y. McDonald aims to only get better at serving the customer – our boss – at each passing year!