There are nearly three times more plumbing and HVAC contractors located in the U.S. than there are number of cities. This means that the chance of coming across a fellow plumbing company within the same part of town and even down the street from yours is very probable. So the question is: how do you stand apart from the competition?

While one would think that simply offering great service would be enough to build a large following, it’s only the beginning. Certain plumbing companies have found their niche, which has quickly become a part of their branding strategy and how customers identify them. Continue reading to learn about real-life examples on ways plumbing companies stand out every day by focusing on elements such as an all-women staff, old ambulance service vehicles, and customer education.


  • All-Women Plumbing Company Specializes in Educating Female Homeowners
    The Small Jobs plumbing company, located in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada, is known for more than the fact that they are the only women-owned and operated plumbing company on Canada’s East Coast. By also specializing in teaching monthly courses to homeowners, single mothers in particular, they show that they’re a staple to their community. Since May 2016, they have been offering six two-hour courses, an idea that stemmed from the fact that more single women are buying houses now than ever before. These classes focus on unclogging a bathtub drain, how to maintain a hot water heater, and general plumbing maintenance tips.


  • The Plumbing Doctor Uses Old Ambulances as Service Vehicles
    Staying true to its name, the Plumbing Doctor plumbing company utilizes old ambulances as their service vehicles. With ten converted ambulances in their fleet at one point, they continue to receive brand recognition, even with just three of these trucks left. The company’s owner, Mike Farias, says that when their dispatchers ask people who call for service where they heard about Plumbing Doctor, the most-cited factor is the ambulances. Who knew that an eye-catching truck was all it took to gain better brand awareness?


  • Plumbing Contractor Expects Technicians to Educate Customers
    One of the best ways to build rapport with a customer is to share your knowledge with them. Zeitler Plumbing of northeast Wisconsin thrives on an emphasis in customer education, a mantra that has seen success for three generations and counting. That’s why Zeitler Plumbing technicians are required to always explain to customers the problem they encountered, what they did to fix it, and how to prevent the same problem from reoccurring. By keeping communication open and honest, Zeitler Plumbing very quickly builds trust with the homeowner, leading to the beginning of a long-standing relationship.


Of the 95,000 plumbing and HVAC contractors located in the U.S., only a small percentage knows what it takes to make a name for themselves in their communityWhile providing great plumbing service is the end goal, so is connecting to the customer in a way that they won’t forget you. So as a plumber or business owner, can you say that you’ve found your niche?