99 Fittings in Your Hand

99 Fittings in Your Hand

99 Fittings in Your Hand

A mechanical compression connection is a joint that is created by tightening a female threaded nut onto a male threaded body, thus compressing a rubber seal and retaining ring. While used on multiple components of a water service lateral, a municipality, utility, or contractor is often familiar with applying mechanical compression connections to pipes or tubes.

At A.Y. McDonald, an innovative idea, no matter how big or small, must be one that brings value to the customer. While we already provide an extensive line of mechanical compression connections, it came to our attention that we could be doing more. Therefore, allow us to introduce the new innovative RANGER™ fitting, which is a simple solution that will bring a large value. With the RANGER™, the installer can get the job done quicker with less mistakes and less guess work by not taking a chance on having the wrong connection. At the end of the day, they have the satisfaction of knowing that they’re doing it right the first time.

The secret to the patented RANGER™ is that it not only saves the user time but the design of this wide-range fitting also reduces inventory by replacing up to 99 compression connections. This product is unique as it allows the user to assemble onto multiple ranges of 3/4”, 1", 1 1/4", and 1 1/2" nominal pipe diameters from CTS up to PVC, such as the following:

  • CTS – Copper Tube Type K or L
  • CTS – Polyethylene ASTM D2737 SDR 9 Tube Size
  • CTS – PEX Tubing ASTM F876 SDR 9 CSA B137.5
  • CTS – Polybutylene ASTM D2666 SDR 9 Tube Size Class 250
  • PEP – Polybutylene ASTM D2662 SIDR 7
  • PEP – Polyethylene ASTM D2239 SIDR /SIDR 9 Polyethylene Pipe Size
  • PVC – Brass Pipe and PVC ASTM D1785 SCH. 40
  • IPS – Polyethylene ASTM D3035 SDR 9/SDR 11 OD Controlled Iron Pipe Size
  • IP – Steel Pipe

The RANGER™ fitting is made up of a 301 stainless steel grip ring, brass friction ring, and an EPDM rubber gasket. The product options available include the 74753-11 3/4” & 1" RANGER x MNPT, 74754-11 3/4” & 1" RANGER x FNPT, and the 74758-11 3/4” &1" RANGER x RANGER. Below are additional features surrounding this fitting:

  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Meets and exceeds AWWA C800-14, which requires fittings to be suitable for a water pressure of 150 PSIG
  • Withstands the same pressures as the tubing but must not be used with pressures exceeding 300 PSIG
  • Designed for underground and aboveground cold potable water systems
  • Large wrench flats for tightening
  • Tighten-to-torque required - noted on installation instructions
  • Provides pull-out strength equal to other compression fittings
  • Insert stiffeners are required on all flexible plastic connections

Life just got easier. When you don’t know what fitting is stocked on your shelf or don’t have room to stock multiple fittings, you only need one: the RANGER™. After all, it’s 99 fittings in your hand!

Learn more about the RANGER™ fitting by taking the AYU course.