Gas Meter Set Assemblies Created the A.Y. McDonald Way

Gas Meter Set Assemblies Created the A.Y. McDonald Way

Gas Meter Set Assemblies Created the A.Y. McDonald Way

Since 1856, A.Y. McDonald has had the pleasure of providing quality solutions for the industries we serve. What keeps our company thriving is the motivation to take care of the customer – our boss, while relying heavily on our family roots and the fact that we don’t shy away from a challenge.

A meter set assembly is the result of the components that make up a gas meter set assembled into one unit, making the installation to a building/home a more streamlined/efficient process. The demand for meter set assemblies for utilities has increased over the years due to the fact that they provide time savings, cost savings in labor, consistency in assembling, and an added safety factor as the unit is tested prior to being in the field. In the past, A.Y. McDonald focused on manufacturing components that make up the gas meter set. Now, in addition to manufacturing those components, we also offer a finished meter set assembly, as shown below.

To simply offer a meter set assembly would be considered the minimum of what A.Y. McDonald could provide – and that’s just not how we operate. Therefore, in addition to creating a great finished product, our meter set assemblies also come with consistent timelines, shorter lead times, open communication, pressure testing, traceability tags, and all parts under one roof. The journey to provide these options also came with a list of investments for the company, which include the following:


  • Building
    A.Y. McDonald’s natural gas products are produced at all of our facilities; Dubuque, IA, Albia, IA, and Elizabethton, TN. In order to accommodate the addition of meter set assemblies to our product line, the Elizabethton facility was doubled in size, growing from roughly 100,000 square feet to just under 200,000 square feet. This expansion started in July 2018 and was competed in April 2019.

  • Equipment
    In addition to expanding A.Y. McDonald’s Elizabethton facility, an investment was also made for a number of machines and equipment that allow for the production of quality meter set assemblies. The new machines were first shipped to the Dubuque headquarters for testing purposes and then sent to Elizabethton for operation. An investment was also made for an entirely new paint line, which provides excellent corrosion resistance and durability to the meter set assembly.

  • People
    With a new product, expanded space, and more equipment, this opened up the opportunity to further grow the A.Y. McDonald family. Therefore, a number of additional production positions were filled at our Elizabethton plant and an extensive training for meter set assemblies also took place.


You spoke and we listened. A.Y. McDonald has been making meter set assemblies for the water industry a long time but, for the first time ever, we’re now making them for gas. Thanks to our Innovation Summits, customers have the ability to tell us directly what their major pain points are and how we can fix them. In this instance, the result comes in the form of A.Y. McDonald’s gas meter set assemblies, which combine safety, testing, technology, and innovation in a single solution!

For more information on this product offering, call A.Y. McDonald’s Customer Service department at 1-800-292-2737, fill out our contact form, or take the ‘A.Y. McDonald Meter Set Assemblies’ AYU course.