Accessories Make Gas Meter Sets Work

Accessories Make Gas Meter Sets Work

Accessories Make Gas Meter Sets Work


Nearly 177 million Americans rely on natural gas every day in order to heat their home, dry their clothes, and cook their food. They choose this energy source because it’s not only efficient but the resource itself is also very abundant and affordable.

The quest of getting natural gas from underground to the meter that then feeds the household or building includes the assistance of many parts along the way. While most of the credit goes to components such as the riser, regulator, and meter bar or valve, there are a number of accessories that also help with the process (as shown on the graphic above). Continue reading to learn what these parts are and how they contribute to the natural gas meter set:

Natural Gas Accessory



Meter Swivel

  • Known as the meter connection
  • Available in zinc or black galvanized
  • Can be insulated or non-insulated

Meter Nut

  • Second half of the meter connection and goes hand in hand with the meter swivel


Meter Swivel Gasket

  • Gives a gas tight seal at the meter connection
  • Goes along with the meter nut and meter swivel

Meter Adapter

  • Used to efficiently convert from one meter connection/size to another

Meter Nut Plug

  • Helps pressure test and provide a seal to the gas service until the meter is installed

Pipe Nipple

  • A fitting consisting of a piece of pipe, usually provided with a male pipe thread end connecting two other fittings (valve to regulator, regulator to inlet of meter bar, etc.)
  • Comes in various diameters and lengths



Due to the many benefits that surround the demand for natural gas, A.Y. McDonald is proud to contribute to this industry. However, just like any good outfit, it all comes down to the accessories. By not only providing meter valves or bars but also the vast majority of the accessories that help bring the whole component together, we aim to be our customers’ one-stop-shop. To learn more about natural gas product accessories, call us at 1-800-292-2737, visit our website, or take a look at the coorelated course found at the e-learning platform, A.Y. McDonald University (AYU).