Kick Your Curb Stop Questions to the Curb

Kick Your Curb Stop Questions to the Curb

Kick Your Curb Stop Questions to the Curb

Water works parts are responsible for providing a home/building access to the public water supply. The water service lateral itself includes any water service part, from the water main to the water meter. One of these solutions includes the curb stop.

The curb stop is defined as a valve installed in the water service line and accessible for operation from aboveground for routinely interrupting flow through the service line. The curb stop is located below ground, directly beneath the curb box, which is typically between the water main and building structure. The valve is operable with the use of a shutoff key that is inserted down into the curb box.

The curb stop consists of two styles: Minneapolis and Arch. The Minneapolis valve has a male thread below the operating head. The curb box is threaded directly onto the curb stop, utilizing these threads. Threading a curb stop into the curb box gives a unified valve/box assembly. The Arch style contains an arch for the curb box that covers the curb stop without being mechanically connected.


Curb stops include end connections on both the inlet and outlet that attach to the service line. Common end connections for ball style curb stops include flare, compression (Mac-Pak CTS, McQuick, McGrip, ‘T’), MNPT, and FNPT. These can be mixed and matched. On top of offering ball style curb stops for the northern water service lateral installation with many end connection options, A.Y. McDonald also provides product options with different features available. This includes the following:

Name of Option

What Option Provides Application


Repair ball curb stop

Valve with extended length by cutting a service line and repairing.



Stop and drain

Directional and automatically drains from the outlet side when in the closed position.



Di-electric connection

Helps prevent electrolysis and galvanic corrosion.



Full or reduced port

-Full port: The ball opening size is the same nominal size as the tubing, therefore not restricting the water flow.

-Reduced port: The ball opening size has a smaller opening diameter than the internal diameter of the pipe it is connected to.




As just part of the journey to bringing access of water to communities, the curb stop itself plays a pivotal role in the process. Learn more about curb stops for the northern service lateral by taking the AYU course, calling our customer service department at 1-800-292-2737, or filling out a contact us form.