Expansion PEX Solutions

Expansion PEX Solutions

Expand Your Inventory with Expansion PEX Solutions


PEX tubing, also called crosslinked polyethylene, is a popular piping material for residential hot and cold water. Plumbers choose this piping material because it’s corrosion resistant, lightweight, very bendable, easy to join, and competitively priced. However, the effectiveness of the piping itself is also dependent upon the technique used to connect the tubing together. One popular connection method includes expansion PEX fittings and valves.

Expansion PEX fittings and valves are commonly used on PEX-A tubing. This solution is intended for use in residential and commercial (hot and cold) potable water distribution systems, as well as sealed central heating, including under-floor-heating systems.


A.Y. McDonald offers a full line of expansion PEX products with PEX ends that conform to ASTM F1960. Such parts include ball valves, pressure reducing valves, chrome supply stops, drop ear elbows, frostproof sillcocks, no-lead brass fittings, and black plastic fittings such as couplings, elbows, tees, and threaded expansion PEX adapters. Long story short – A.Y. McDonald can provide all the expansion PEX products you could ever need!


As a proud contributor to making water work, A.Y. McDonald is always thinking ahead to create solutions that will make your life easier. For more information on expansion PEX products, take the correlated A.Y. McDonald University (AYU) e-learning course, read the blog post, or see the product options located on the A.Y. McDonald website.