A.Y. McDonald Meter Stop: Understanding the Basics

A.Y. McDonald Meter Stop: Understanding the Basics

A.Y. McDonald Meter Stop: Understanding the Basics

Water works parts are responsible for providing a home/building access to the public water supply. The water service lateral itself includes any water service part, from the water main to the water meter. One of these solutions includes the meter stop.

The meter stop is defined as a valve that is attached directly to the water meter and normally on the inlet side of the meter. This part allows for the installation or removal of the water meter by controlling water flow to the meter. While commonly referred to as the curb stop in the southern water service lateral, the meter stop is located in a meter pit, meter box, or in a basement.

A.Y. McDonald offers a variety of meter stops with many different features, are available in plug or ball, along with straight or angle style. Common end connections include flare, compression, MNPT, and FNPT. Our meter stops come with additional options, which include the following:

Name of Option

What Option Provides Application



Lockwing, no lockwing, or dual lockwing





Handles for operating head

Full or Reduced Port

Full Port – The ball opening size is the same nominal size as the tubing, therefore not restricting the water flow

Reduced Port – The ball opening size for a small opening diameter than the internal diameter of the pipe it is connected to

Meter Swivel Nut Saddles

Meter swivel nuts are less saddle unless otherwise indicated

Hole in Swivel Nut

Hole in swivel nut for wire tie unless otherwise indicated

Rotating Head

90-degree, 180-degree, or 360-degree rotating head


Telescoping meter swivel nut, 7E4644B and 7E6101MW 3/4” and Telescoping meter flange 7E4604B, 7E4602B, 7E6100MW, and 7E6101MW 1 1/2” and 2”

The use of a Meter Stop adds an ease and convenience to the installation and removal of a structure’s water meter. Between the tee operating head, blowout proof cap, PTFE coated brass ball, and EPDM O-ring seal, A.Y. McDonald’s meter stop is the whole package. To learn more about this part, call us at 1-800-292-2737, fill out a contact us form, or take the ‘Meter Stops – Southern Water Service Lateral’ AYU course.