The natural gas meter set includes many parts that work together to safely deliver and measure natural gas to a structure. This can include the meter, valves, fittings, a meter bar or valve, a regulator, and the accessories that complete the set. Natural gas meter sets bring safety, convenience, and consistency to any application.


Not only can a natural gas meter set be basic or custom engineered, but it can also be assembled or fabricated prior to the field or ‘stick-built’ in the field. There are pros and cons to each scenario, as shown below:


Prior to the Field

In the Field (Stick-Built)

  • Added safety factor as the unit is pressure tested prior to being in the field.
  • Creates consistency in assembly.
  • Time/labor savings.
  • Consistent coating for protection from the elements.
  • Can be engineered to reduce leak points.
  • May allow for flexibility with space restrictions and unique landscaping.
  • Considered a more time-consuming process and less efficient.
  • Potential for more leak paths.


A meter set assembly (MSA) is the result of the components that make up a gas meter set assembled into one unit, not stick-built in the field. This solution makes the installation to a building/home a more streamlined and efficient process. There are a variety of meter set assembly designs.


A fabricated natural gas meter set is the result of the components that make up a gas meter set fabricated into one unit, which is achieved by welded or casted components. When compared to stick-built, fabricated meter sets can reduce the number of threaded joints required to complete an installation, which creates less potential leak points. Both natural gas meter set fabrications and assemblies can come with a number of configurations. This can include the option of with or without valves, meter bars, regulators, bypass, etc.


Utilities want safety and efficiency while in the field and natural gas meter sets improve productivity by providing a uniform product. At A.Y. McDonald, we specialize in customizing a solution to make gas work for your community, whether it’s the entire meter set or just a portion of it. To learn more about gas meter sets and their options, call our customer service department at 1-800-292-2737, fill out a contact us form, or take the AYU course called, ‘Natural Gas Meter Sets’.