A.Y. McDonald Jet Pumps: Common Troubleshooting Calls

A.Y. McDonald Jet Pumps: Common Troubleshooting Calls

A.Y. McDonald Jet Pumps: Common Troubleshooting Calls

Jet pumps are considered one of the two most popular types of pumps used for private well systems and low flow irrigation applications. This solution is popular in areas with high water tables and warm climates. The pump itself is mounted above ground and typically used to lift water out of the ground through a suction pipe.

A.Y. McDonald offers a full line of high-quality centrifugal jet pumps that are available in shallow well, convertible, and multi-stage. Check out our full offering below:


It takes many parts for a jet pump to operate as efficiently as it does. However, sometimes elements within the pump and outside of it may influence the application, leading to a faulty system. In this case, below are the most common troubleshooting calls A.Y. McDonald receives on our jet pumps.

  • Pump won’t start or run
  • Pump operates but loses prime
  • Pump starts and stops often
  • Pump won’t shut off
  • Pump operates but delivers little to no water

Through process of elimination, A.Y. McDonald pump experts will walk you through the potential reasons that could lead to your current scenario, ultimately leading to a solution. During the phone call, you may be asked the following questions about the jet pump:

  • What is the model number of the jet pump?
  • What is the fault or concern that you are having with the pump?
  • What is the voltage? Power source?
    • How long has it been installed?
  • Has something changed in your application?
    • Examples include drought conditions, lightning storm, flooding
  • What is your specific application?
    • Is this used for residential use, irrigation, or both?
  • What is the source of incoming water?
    • Examples include cistern tank, shallow or deep well, lake


Making water work is no easy feat. Thanks to solutions such as the A.Y. McDonald jet pump, this resource is brought from point A to B effectively and efficiently. But that’s not to say that elements may get in the way of the function of the well system. To dig deeper into the common troubleshooting calls for our jet pumps, take the A.Y. McDonald University (AYU) course called ‘A.Y. McDonald Jet Pumps: Common Troubleshooting Calls’, call our customer service department at 1-800-292-2737, or fill out a contact us form on aymcdonald.com. At the end of the day, we’re not only committed to providing the right pump for the job at hand, but also being an expert on the workings of this solution!