The Next Generation of Our Website

The Next Generation of Our Website

The Next Generation of Our Website to Better Serve You

A.Y. McDonald is in the business to help you bring water and gas to your community. With nearly 170 years of experience on our side, we have found the best way to fulfill this job is to share as much knowledge and resources upfront with our customer – the Boss. This level of transparency is built into our company’s culture – and now our revamped website. After ample amount of time and effort placed on planning, creating, testing, and training, the new website went live on October 22.

What makes stand out is not only the user-friendly layout but also the added features provided. Some of these are ones that the customer has asked for while others are ones you didn’t even know you needed:

  • Streamlined headers based on the most used keywords. More dynamic/robust searching as products can be searched based on any attribute. The results start to auto populate based on the information you provide. All product attributes are filterable and searchable.
  • On each product’s page, applicable YouTube video(s) have been added. Instruction sheets also linked where submittals go so you don’t need to track down the sheet that came in the product box anymore.
  • On each product line’s page, search results can be filtered based on attributes, completely replacing the product configurators from the old website.

 In recent years, we launched the customer portal, which provides a designated login and e-commerce capabilities, along with price and availability. The new website’s customer portal takes this user experience to a whole new level. Customers can now take advantage of the following elements that allow you to stay connected to our company while doing business exactly the way you want to:

  • Once logged in, the homepage is customized to show your ‘My Orders’, ‘My Shopping List’, ‘My Favorite Products’, and ‘My Invoices’.
  • The price and availability tool used to be located on a separate page of the website and a manual process. Now it’s built-in and customized to the user at each product page. Availability is displayed on the product detail page (red/green) with lead time. Once quantity is added to the cart, availability is re-calculated and displayed in the form of an approximate date of availability.
  • Can download any product image with the option of either a web image size or high resolution.
  • Built-in Free Freight Allowance (FFA) function. At the end of the checkout process, it will display if the order qualifies for FFA and, if it doesn’t qualify, the message tells how much more is needed in the cart in order to qualify.
  • New Product Information Management (PIM) System that allows an easy way to package, export, and deliver product information to customers to import into their own system. This used to be a lengthy manual process that we accommodated but now is automatic.
  • Can now import a product order following a set format for customers with their own purchase order (PO) system. This allows customers to upload orders directly to their cart using .csv and Excel formats.

Plus, for those people who come to looking for a career at our company.

  • More career page callouts – just one click from the homepage and located in multiple spots.

A website should do so much more than just provide a preview to a company and its offering. It is our mission to make the main hub for feeding you all the necessary knowledge/resources you should ever need when working with A.Y. McDonald. While our customer service still operates the same as it has since 1856, the tools we have available to the Boss is only expanding. Just like a family restaurant that still utilizes traditional recipes, the atmosphere and processes used behind the scenes have both been updated to better accommodate today’s wants and needs. Check out the new today!