Water Sampling Just Got Easier

A water utility is not only responsible for providing access of water to communities, but they are also tasked with helping ensure that the quality of this resource is clean and safe. One way this is monitored is by taking samples of the water itself. Thanks to the use of A.Y. McDonald’s sampling station, utilities have a quick and easy way to obtain these water qualities samples from their own water distribution line at the meter location.

A meter resetter is used where the water meter is already installed and the service lines are in place, but the water meter needs to be relocated above or next to the current line. One option for installing a sampling station is to use a resetter. Taking this route requires no digging or plumbing during installation, provides backflow protection, and the below grade design creates protection from freezing, vandals, and traffic. A.Y. McDonald sampling stations include meter resetting devices for 5/8”, 5/8” x 3/4”, 3/4”, and 1” meter sets, along with a Dead-End Line option. The meter setting device is compact enough to stay inside most meter boxes and allows a sampling station to be added wherever there’s access to a meter. Below are the four sampling station series options offered by A.Y. McDonald:

Once the protective PVC cap of an A.Y. McDonald sampling station is removed, the user is allowed access to the quick connect valve for taking water samples with the sampling faucet. A water sample is drawn by connecting the quick connect on the sampling faucet to the quick connect on the sampling resetter. A.Y. McDonald sampling stations are made of stainless-steel and no-lead brass, include a no-lead brass shutoff valve, and a pressure gauge for determining line pressure at the point of sample (up to 160 PSIG). To the right are the two types of A.Y. McDonald sampling station faucet options. To learn more about how to utilize A.Y. McDonald’s sampling station , watch the video below.

Our job is to make yours easier, which is how the sampling station came into existence in the first place. Maintaining a clean water supply is an important aspect to a water utility – and A.Y. McDonald has got your back. To learn more about our sampling station, especially how to create a custom order, take the ‘A.Y. McDonald Sampling Stations’ AYU course located at A.Y McDonald University.